Electric Gates

Gate Automation

Electric Gates provide value and security to a property the moment they are installed.

We can fit automation to your existing gates, or you could have new wrought iron or wooden gates tailormade to any design. We can provide any size of swinging or sliding gate to meet your specific needs.

We can also install automatic driveway lighting on entry or exit from a property giving added security in the hours of darkness.

When it comes to controlling and operating your automated gates there are a few different options to consider:

Radio Remote Control Device - This is the most common and cost effective method. The range of the device is typically between 30 and 50 metres, and because it’s radio controlled as opposed to infra red or ultra sonic, there is no need to actually point the device at the gate.

Electronic Keypad/Card Access Device - In a situation where numerous people may need access, it could prove costly to use remote controlled devices. A more cost effective solution would be to install a simple electronic keypad, or card access device, which would only allow entry to those individuals who have the required code.

INTERCOM SYSTEM - You might also want to consider incorporating an Intercom System. This allows direct communication from the gates to the premises. Opening of the gates is then controlled from a station point located within the building. An intercom can also be combined with a keyless entry pad, which would allow independent access to any visitors who know the required code.


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